Don’t Replace Your Windshield! Repair It!

We can repair windshield chips and long cracks up to 14″.  We can do most repairs while you wait.

Here at Houston Windshield Repair, we use the best quality windshield repair tools and products.  That is why we have chosen to use only Ultra Bond’s patented and proven windshield crack and chip repair technology. They are the ONLY manufacturer of windshield repair tools and resins that have independent lab tests confirming that their products restore your windshield crack or chip to be stronger than the original glass!! The Supreme Court even supports the same claim. That’s right.  Your once broken windshield will be stronger after you choose us to fix it!

Did you know that your windshield provides up to 70% of your vehicles roof strength in a rollover crash? And if it cracked or chipped it may fail and the roof will cave in on you?  Don’t delay in repairing your windshield today!

Windshield Replacement should be a last resort. Not only is your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshield stronger and of higher quality than most of the after market windshields, it is safer.  Below is a special news segment exposing the lack of tracking in windshield replacements and the consequences for the consumer.

Here are just a few of our windshield repair images. You can see the quality in the repairs.

Long Crack Windshield Repair Before and After:

Long crack windshield repair

Long Crack Windshield Repair

Long Edge Crack Windshield Repair


Rock Chip / Stone Break Windshield Repair